Silly Sentences

It was a day outside, the perfect weather for fishing. It was the nice spot, hidden away behind the woods near . was sitting by the edge of the lake hooking bait onto the end of their fishing line. They had bought a huge bucket of bait, so they were feeling quite confident that they could reel in a catch today. hours had passed as they waited for a bite on the line. Then suddenly, the line gave a large tug. They jumped up in surprise and quickly tried to reel in the line to see what creature they had caught. They pulled and pulled, but whatever was on the other end was pulling back even harder. That creature must be as strong as a ! With one last tug, they pulled the creature from the lake and stumbled backwards, almost falling on their ! Regaining their balance, they looked at the creature in front of them and were in complete awe. There, laying on the grass, was a , , . It looked up at the young fisher and growled, as if it were to about to at them. The fisherman slowly crept towards pole, picking it up and preparing to launch the creature back from where it came. The creature thrashed as he returned it back into the murky water. With a loud splash it disappeared. The fisherman stared at the water in both amazement and confusion, hardly believing he caught such a creature.